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Episode #01 “Jerry’s On His Way” / Album: “Facelift” by Alice in Chains

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In our inaugural episode of My Seattle Mixtape we get some first-episode jitters out of the way, initiate some new verbal ticks for ourselves and discuss Alice in Chains’ debut album Facelift.

Zach and Dave discuss first hearing this album as teens (or tweens in Zach’s case), some mysterious parodies of the band as performed by Metallica on their 1994 Summer Tour, and ultimately what song from this awesome album will be the first one on the mixtape.

There’s a little bit more tangential rambling on this first episode but we hope you’ll stick with us and see how much we improve by Episode #2!

Zach and Dave recommend you support your local record-store rather than buying from some huge corporation or online retailer.

My Seattle Mixtape is edited by Adrian Shephard.